Since the advent of Apple’s iPhone in 2007, mobile apps have become integral to the way people access information. User behavior has changed dramatically, and as people move away from browser-based information towards mobile access, A Better Shot aspires to enter this emerging market and create applications that work to solve problems faced by athletes on a daily basis.   We develops apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and HTML5 web that: Increase user engagement, Drive brand awareness, and Generate new revenue streams.   Are you a student-athlete? Do you have trouble staying on top of your studies on the road? If so, then Virtual Mentor is for you.   Virtual Mentor is a one-stop shop for college student-athletes. The app allows a student-athlete to interact with a tutor and/or mentor through WebEx from anywhere at anytime. The athlete will receive the same assistance on the app as they would from their university’s student services department. Additionally, athletes can get information on resume writing, NCAA rules, and even finding an agent.